Why Honourable Samaila Suleiman needs to be re-elected as Member of House representing Kaduna North by the good people of Kaduna North

Why Honourable Samaila Suleiman needs to be re-elected as Member of the House of Representatives, representing kaduna North by the good people of kaduna North? An interview with his Special Assistant on Media and Publicity Malam Rabiu Matazu

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     Thank you Malam Rabiu for giving us the opportunity to be here with you. Firstly, I would like you to start by introducing yourself and the role you play in this administration.
      Secondly, can you please tell us the achievements of Hon. Sama’ila Suleiman since he assumed office.

      "I thank you all for giving me the privilege to remind the good people of Kaduna North about what they have known. As you mentioned earlier I go by the name Malam Rabi’u, I am the Special Adviser on Media and Publicity to Hon. Sama’ila Suleiman, Member representing Kaduna North Federal Constituency."

    " Alhamdulillah we have been able to achieve a lot so far, if people of Kaduna North have not forgotten, Hon Sama’ila was at a time Chairman of Kaduna North Local Government and he had achieved so many things which I would have mentioned them if time was on our side."

     "Hon. Sama’ila Suleiman as a member of the Federal House of Representatives has achieved a lot and still doing more."
   "  In this session I would love to focus on educational sector, when I say educational sector I mean western and religious education. Hon. Sama’ila granted scholarship to so many students and he is a type of person who speak the truth at all cost."

     Can you please tell us the number of student that were able to benefit from the scholarship you granted?

" I have the records of more than One Hundred and Twenty (120) students, which I can give the list to you for further clarifications."
    "Well Hon. Sama’ila did not stop there, in the history of Kaduna North politics from 1999-2015 three members represented the constituency, they have tried their very best but none of them attempt to focus on religious educational sector."

     "Hon. Sama’ila built Three (3) modern Islamic Schools, it is unfortunate, that the previous administration did not bother to have even foundation of a building as contribution to enhance religious education."
     " Religious scholars played an important role in 2015 election, they deserve special consideration. Kaduna North Local Government has three (3) constituencies and twelve (12) wards. In Kawo constituency there are five (5) wards, Doka and Gabasawa constituencies have 4 and 3 wards respectively. The modern Islamic schools is built in each constituency which make the total of three (3) schools. The first One is sited at Rafin Guza for Kawo constituency, Second one at kuba road by Abeokuta for Doka constituency and the third one at Ungwan Rimi for Gabasawa constituency all in the means of taking us to the next level."

       Considering the fact that in the history of Kaduna North past administrations focused on western education, until now that you came up with this idea. So, Malam Rabi’u what are the possible measures taken to ensure the continuous management of the schools built and is there any criteria for one to be able to secure admission in any of the schools? Because so many things are initially done for the benefit of the poor and later on, turn out to be the other way round?

     " Our responsibility is to build the schools and the responsibility of managing them is laid on the hands of the Mudaris scholars based on the agreement made by us and the scholars, they will be the ones to do that. Had it been such schools were built by past administrations we would have continued from where they stopped, maybe we would have provided computers and build more e-libraries for the schools, but nevertheless if we are re-elected we will do more than that INSHA ALLAH."
    Malam Rabi’u this is indeed a great achievement, but aside from that, is there any other you have achieved or something your administration intend to achieve regarding to enhancing educational excellence?

   " Yes! If I could remember two weeks back there was a graduation ceremony of Mudaris Students at Murtala Square and Hon. Sama’ila attended it, he donated more than two thousand (2,000) books to the students."

    Lastly do you have any message to the people of Kaduna North.?

" We thank the good people of Kaduna North for their tireless support and it is said in the Holy QUR’AN “WHOEVER DOES GOOD EQUAL TO THE WEIGHT OF AN ATOM (OR A SMALL ANT) SHALL SEE IT. AND WHOEVER DOES EVIL EQUAL TO THE WEIGHT OF AN ATOM SHALL SEE IT’’.  

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  • Why Honourable Samaila Suleiman needs to be re-elected as Member of House representing Kaduna North by the good people of Kaduna North
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